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Do you know how to take care of your Parrots Health? Are you even aware of the various types of Parrot Diseases out there? Is your Parrot healthy right now?

How do you know?

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Do you know what signs to look for in a sick Parrot?

By instinct, Parrots will conceal signs of illness to prevent them from appearing weak, since a weak Parrot is an easy target for predatory birds and animals. Unfortunately, by the time you notice any signs of illness or disease, your bird is extremely ill and you need to seek veterinarian care from an avian vet immediately.

Each Parrot behaves differently, but there is a sign of illness that all Parrots exhibit: Sitting with his feathers all fluffed up! If your Parrot is perching or even sitting at the bottom of his cage with fluffed up feathers you need to move him immediately to a source of heat and call your vet right away.

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Ever had to give your bird medicine?

Here's a great tip that you will find in our Parrot Health Course: Hiding your Parrots medication in their favorite food is a very stress free and convenient way to administer their medicine.

When you sign up for our Parrot Health Course, you will learn about all the other tips and tricks of giving your Parrot medication.

Have you got a First Aid Kit prepared just for your Parrot? Are you familiar with what needs to be in a First Aid Kit for your Parrot?

Most people will have in their First Aid Kit common items such as a towel for wrapping and securing a Parrot; Scissors; Quick-Stop or Styptic Pencil (silver nitrate stick) to stop bleeding from a broken blood feather or other kinds of cuts. Avian blood has very few clotting agents in comparison to mammal blood. A Parrot can therefore, literally bleed to death from a broken blood feather.

But you should also have such items as: a magnifying glass, tweezers, syringe and Pedialyte to re-hydrate a dehydrated bird. Other items to have would be sterile water, hand feeding formula and ice cream sticks too.

Have you stored your Avian Vet's number in your cell phone?

Here's another great tip: Store your Avian Veterinarian's number in your cell phone and keep them handy, in case of emergencies

A great way to keep your Parrot healthy is by grooming it on a regular basis! There are four main aspects of grooming your Parrot:

  • Bathing
  • Clipping wings
  • Clipping nails
  • Trimming beaks

In the wild, parrots bathe almost daily and sometimes even several times per day. It is very important to give your Parrot a bath every day! Frequent bathing manages your Parrot's dander, and applies significant moisture to the feathers, as well as softening any new pin feathers that your Parrot may have. Not to mention that regular baths keeps your Parrot nice and clean and provides a source of extreme pleasure for your Parrot. All Parrots love water!

African Greys, Cockatoos and Cockatiels develop large amounts of dander, causing allergies to some of their owners. Bathing them regularly can reduce the amount of dander being released. Cockatoos also have an undercoat of feathers called 'down'. If the down feathers are not cleansed regularly, they can become an irritant to the bird and cause the bird to start feather-plucking or self-mutilating!

Do you know how to bathe your Parrot properly?

Here a few other tips for bathing your Parrot:

  • Line the sink or bowl with a rubber mat or towel to prevent your Parrot from slipping around.
  • If you shower with your Parrot, always wear a shirt to protect your skin.
  • A shower perch allows your bird to shower with you hassle-free.
  • Never leave your parrot unsupervised in water as he could drown.

So now you know that it is important to your Parrots health to give him regular baths, but do you know what time of the day is best for bath time? Or how often to give your Parrot a bath in the Summer Time versus the Winter Time?

Well, not to worry, as our Course on Parrot Health will explain all that to you and much, much, more!

You will not regret taking the time now to learn more about what you can do to improve your Parrot's health. Your Parrot will be especially thankful too! Just think of all the amazing tips and advice that awaits you in our Parrot Health Course. So hurry! Sign up for our FREE Online Seminar and Parrot Health Course right now!

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Let me assure you that this Training Course has some major things in store for you. Here's a peek:

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  • Understanding your Parrot's body language to save your fingers
  • Tame your Parrot by setting proper rules and limitations