This comprehensive training program is designed for all Macaw lovers who want to know the methods used by the experts for a happier and better behaved bird.

Please be aware that results are not guaranteed, and training results may vary depending on both owner ability and individual birds.

"Want An Amazing Collection Of Macaw Training Secrets That Are Used By Top Professional Trainers?"

Do you make these common mistakes with your Macaw?

1. Yelling at your Macaw to "SHUT UP" when it screams
2. Over-reacting and shouting "OOOH," "AAAH" or "OUCH" whenever it bites
3. Giving your Macaw only seeds to eat
4. Placing the cage near the window overlooking the garden
5. Having a single perch in your cage
6. Placing the food and water bowls just beneath the perch
7. Placing your new Macaw on your shoulders...

Even if you are doing just one of the above, you may be inadvertently snowballing bad Macaw behavior. It's time you correct your Macaw handling techniques and gain access to the methods used by the expert perfect Macaw parents..."

This training problem comes with a no quibble, 100% money back guarantee if you're not fully satisfied with your purchase.

( Macaw Lover For The Last 12 Years)

Get Hundreds Of Macaw Training Secrets And Tips Delivered Directly To Your Computer And Finally Start...

  • Working towards your goal of owning a loving, hilarious Macaw that talks, does tricks and is a joy to own
  • Learn the methods used by professionals to stop Macaws behaving like a mean old vicious grump, that bites and screams bloody murder!
  • Understand the techniques to teach your Macaw do so what you want. We've seen some of the blood-drawing biters, ear-shattering screamers, or stubborn, non-talkers change their ways in response to these powerful Macaw training tactics.

Wouldn't It Be Great If Your Macaw...

  • Talks happily (even converses hilariously and imitates funny sounds)...
  • Performs tricks that amaze you (and makes your guests and friends laugh out loud)...
  • Glows in radiant health (with a perfect Macaw diet)...
  • And simply becomes and all-round, well-behaved grea t pet companion (that melts your heart)...

With the right knowledge and training methods, all this is possible without EVER using punishment!

The Really Great Part Is, The Better Trained Your Macaw, The Better Your Relationship Will Be!

But don't just take my word for it… Because the "Thank You" letters are already coming in… See for yourself...

Please be aware that results are not guaranteed, and individual training results may vary depending on owner and birds.

"In a few weeks I have gone from a quivering, tearful, frustrated bird rescuer, to the proud owner of Dylan, the parrot who in his own words is 'alright'.... Thank you for your information..." (Josette Bellham, Lowestoft, UK.)


"Your training info has helped me a great amount with my parrot ... My bird now is friendly towards everybody and looks forward to getting out of his cage and onto my hands." (Stella Lam, Danville, Virginia.)


"Thank you so much for your training info, it has worked wonders with my parrot, Sam. His talking has improved, and I am much more confident in handling him and understanding him." (Pauline Chamberlain)


"We were about to find him a new home. However, your techniques regarding responding to shrieking episodes have worked. He is much more calm and playful. His biting attempts, handled in the way you suggest (moving into the bite) have dropped considerably, and he is not biting as hard." (Terry Clark, Los Gatos, California)


"Today I had D.J. on my hand, which he would never do, unless I had a towel on my hand because he would bite me viciously, but... now I can actually hold and pet him! What a difference!" (Ashley Bratt, League City, Texas)


"This book puts its ideas into terms that you can understand, many things not thought of by the general population such as bathing, preventing illness... useful tips about cage placement... and definite direction as to WHAT NOT TO DO. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in learning more about having birds as house pets of any breed. (Brenda A. La Platte, Jupiter, Florida)

Written Dec 5, 2004
From: Nathalie Roberts

Gypsy, a 12 year old Blue and Gold Macaw started talking in just 12 days

I want to tell you a true story about a good friend of mine, Wayne, who "rescued" a Macaw that showed up mysteriously on his back porch balcony...

It was about 13 years ago, and the bird came right in the house when offered a cracker, and wolfed it down like a ravenous feathered pig... The poor, lost fellow was obviously very hungry.

Well, Wayne, being a good guy, kept him in the house (he didn't have a cage), and tried to locate the owner of the lost Macaw by putting an ad in the local paper.

Nobody responded to the "Lost Macaw" insertion... and, in the end, Wayne ended up becoming an unexpected Macaw owner, as he never did find the original owners.

In the meantime, Wayne named the playful and friendly fellow "Polygon". And to his shock, Polygon talked... and it wasn't just "Hello" he was saying. Polygon's chatting was a little more "complicated"...

As we listened to the many strange and wonderful things this Macaw could say, Wayne and I laughed so hard it brought tears to our eyes!

Polygon had just made me become a passionate Macaw lover. I never imagined that Macaws could be so charming and funny, and I never really had even imagined owning one.

For the last 12 years, I've learned A LOT about these feathered friends - mostly through the school of hard knocks (or should I say "bites")! I've gathered literally hundreds of tips and tricks on how to keep Macaws happy and health and, if you let me, I want to share this knowledge to help YOU in your journey to successfully resolve the Macaw challenges you might be facing.

I want to share with you my passionate quest to have the happiest, healthiest, and funniest Macaws possible!

For Many Macaw Owners, Having A Funny, Talking, Affectionate Macaw Is Too Sadly Only A Dream

But wouldn't it be great to have access to expert Macaw training knowledge that might make your dream have more chance of becoming reality?

I mean, I too have certainly discovered that not all Macaws are like Polygon at first...

Are you dealing with sore, even bloody fingers (bitten to death), ringing ears (those sonic screams), or simply a Macaw that refuses to speak... And you have no clue why he is mute as a fish, bites, or screams despite your best determined efforts?

I bet you didn't realize owning a Macaw would be so emotionally involving!

Macaws can BITE!!!

If you haven't already noticed, when some of these guys bite, they don't mess around... We're talking about beaks that Mother Nature designed to crack open hard nuts or rip through tough wood. You don't want these razor-sharp "feathered-pruners" snapping at your soft fingers... or worse... towards ears and eyes...

And what about when your Macaw becomes, or IS already, a constant screamer?

Macaws can SCREAM!!!

You know it's getting bad when your guests involuntarily spill their drinks after an 80-decibel Macaw scream, or when someone sits down quickly, holding their heart, worried that they might faint from the noise!

Some birds even scream at night... Talk about a sleepless, wide-awake nightmare... And not just for you, also for your local angry neighborhood!

But enough scary Macaw talk

What I want to talk to you about are highly effective training methods to help STOP and PREVENT ANY feathered nightmares... I want to show you some powerful training secrets that will help you towards your goal of owning a loving, talking, tricking, playful, and colorful feathered angel... like Polygon.

Training Tips That Are Simple And Straightforward To Follow!

After all, everyone wants a well-behaved pet, don't they?

The good news is that in virtually every Macaw “situation,” it’s possible to take steps that might dramatically improve behavior. You just need to understand your little guy, and then act accordingly with training techniques designed to keep him or her as your colorful "best of buds friends" in your home.

Because, once you understand your Macaw's simple needs, you’ll be far better placed to train him or her with techniques that can – in many cases – help you train your Macaw to become the pet you want him to be. Techniques and training that will help you towards your aim of owning a Macaw that talks and plays like a small child, and perhaps being so funny that they make you laugh to tears...

A mean Macaw that bites hard, or an ear-shattering screamer that gives you and your neighbors ZERO peace, or even a frightened, terrified Macaw that might see YOU as a giant evil monster... and it's time to act to stop or prevent this bad behavior for good, or before it ever happens, and inspire the positive fun behavior, like talking and tricking... starting today!

Just think how great life would be if you managed to train your Macaw so...

No More Earplugs, No More Gloves... And For Goodness Sake! Don't Put Your Macaw In The Closet!

We never recommend mean punishment to get your Macaw to snap out of his "destructive or stubborn spoil-sport ways"... Don't force, you'll only make things worse!

There's a FAR easier, and much more effective way to get your bird to behave and perform... We can show you the methods professional trainers use to:

Stop The Screaming... Save your ears, and sanity, from ear-shattering screams... The problem could be just the position of your Macaw's cage, or one of many other factors that might make him scream. Find out the reason, and in the vast majority of cases you can stop the screaming - fast!

Stop The Messy Poops... Can't stop Mother Nature, but you may get your bird to aim better and become potty trained!

Save Your Wallet... In many cases, a little knowledge is all you need to save yourself from what could amount to very costly vet or personal expert trainer bills... And, as we all know, it's a great feeling when you learn a new skill - such as gaining the knowledge to train your own Macaw.

Save Your Heart... from breaking, because you know something's not right with your Macaw... You just don't know what the heck it is...

3 Simple Steps to Understanding Your Macaw

Gain the necessary knowledge to be able to 'think like a Macaw.' It's a sad but true fact that many people believe their Macaw thinks in the way humans do - which simply isn't true. Once you understand this, it becomes far easier to correctly train your pet.

Once you have this knowledge it will help you to correct any existing misunderstandings that created the "bad bird behavior" or poor health to begin with. As you become more adept and confident, you might find you quickly manage to train your Macaw to talk, trick, and enjoy your company...

Gain the knowledge to watch out for the tell-tale warning signs. Once you can spot these, you can almost always put effective measures in place to PREVENT bad behavior from surfacing.


All This Explained In Simple, Easy To Understand Terms

Listen, if you own or want to own Macaw, the least you need to do is dedicate 15 minutes a day to this creature. Quality time to work towards getting RESULTS...

Every last bit of my extensive Macaw training knowledge is revealed in my brand new Macaw Secrets™ digital book.

Macaw Secrets™ has the very simple goal of helping to make your Macaw happy and healthy, with knowledge and proven training techniques used by Macaw experts!

A happy, understood, properly fed and healthy Macaw can be nothing short of deep joy, hilarious fun and affectionate love within your home...

Wouldn’t it be great if you could know how the experts train Macaws to talk, sing, play and snuggle? And training all comes down to one vital ingredient – a healthy and happy Macaw. Get that part right first, and the fun tricks and training will soon follow.

"I Want To Thank You So Much For Your Training Course."


I want to thank you so much for your training course for my parrot, JoJo.

I adopted him from someone who abused him terribly. He had chewed one of his toes off (before I got him 4 months ago) because he was put on a wet floor that was just washed with Mr. Clean and not rinsed or dried. He ended up in the basement of this person's home with no attention.

His chest & thighs were completely picked apart - he was naked! The only feathers he had were on his head & wings.

He was very, very skiddish and would hardly let me put food in his bowl or give him fruit without wanting to bite my fingers off. He hardly spoke out of fear.

Having followed your training course it's incredible how our relationship has changed.

He gives me kisses on my cheek, takes showers with me, he waves, plays games with me, eats dinner with me and his feathers are coming back! We are now working on his potty training.....That's our next endeavor....He even gets along with my cats and they play together.

Every day we learn new things together.

I cannot thank you enough. This course has allowed me to help train my parrot to be a happier bird... Thank YOU, again!!!

Jennifer Clark,
New Hyde Park, New York, USA

"...His biting attempts, handled in the way you suggest... have dropped considerably..."

I ordered the training materials to assist in working with our parrot, who had developed the habit of ear-piercing shrieking and random biting, hard enough to draw blood.

We were about to find him a new home.

However, your techniques regarding responding to shrieking episodes have really helped. He is much more calm and playful. His biting attempts, handled in the way you suggest (moving into the bite) have dropped considerably, and he is not biting as hard.

Despite owning and reading two bird books, we were unaware of the accurate information regarding hours of light he should experience in a day, and hours of darkness needed, and we have adjusted his schedule.

He is clearly a more content bird. Thank you.

Terry Clark
Los Gatos, California

"...Now I Can Actually Hold And Pet Him"

Today I had D.J. on my hand, which he would never do, unless I had a towel on my hand because he would bite me viciously, but today I tried the thing where you pet him with the sticks on each side then move closer with my hands, and that made a lot of progress.

He has already made a big change, now I can actually hold and pet him! What a difference!

Ashley Bratt,
League City, Texas

"... the proud owner of Dylan the parrot who in his own words is "alright."


I'd first like to tell you just a bit about our parrot, Dylan.

We never planned to have a bird or indeed ever even thought about getting one. However, our son, Scott, rescued him in a local park with the aid of a quaver crisp.

Poor little thing was very, very frightened and used to spend all day literally screaming, which as you can imagine was driving me crazy - right up to the point of wanting to find him a new home.

Hence I looked on the net and found your training course. I am glad to say that he is now a much happier parrot, the screaming has reduced considerably and we now have chats several times a day.

He is such an intelligent little bird. He wolf whistles, whistles little tunes we have taught him, and we also ask him every day "are you alright?" to which he replies "I'm alright, are you alright?"! He is such a star. and I am so grateful to have found your information.

I have gone from a quivering, tearful, frustrated bird rescuer, to the proud owner of Dylan the parrot who in his own words is "alright".

Thank you for your information which has helped me understand so much more.

Josette Bellham,
Lowestoft, UK

Wouldn't It Be Great To Kiss Macaw Related Frustration Goodbye...

Here are the four ebooks that you will find in Macaw Secrets™ and the essential Macaw knowledge contained within each digital book.

BOOK ONE : Teaching Your Macaw To Talk And Do Tricks

Mute as a fish? Discover the top tips to inspire your Macaw to talk more. (See Page 3)

How to use a powerful training technique... the "Positive Reinforcement Technique"... that can, in many cases, help you to begin training your Macaw to say the funniest stuff in front of your friends and family. (See Page 3)...

Discover the 3 easiest words for your Macaw to learn that you should consider teaching your Macaw to say first, before you teach it anything else See Page 5 to find out what these 3 words are...

Is it worth persevering when your Macaw is as silent as a tomb? (YES!) and how long can it take - if your Macaw doesn't talk right away? (See Page 5)...

One major factor that might prevent your Macaw from talking... and the simple things that you should do in order to avoid this. (See Page 6)...

Strategic phone placement tips... Discover why it can be SO important for you to put your telephone somewhere near your cage. But be careful... (See Page 6)...

Real communication, not just "Bird" talk... How you may be able to teach your Macaw to say "I want a grape" every time it wants to have a grape! (See Page 7)...

The 2 special "indicator" ready-to-talk signs that you need to watch out for in order to know when your Macaw is ready to begin learning how to speak (See Page 9)...

What is the best time of the day to teach your Macaw to speak? Is it mornings, afternoons or evenings? (See Page 9 for the correct answer and why)...

Don't push it! What is the maximum amount of time that you should devote to each training session with your Macaw in order to get the best results? Is it 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, or 2 hours? (See Page 9)...

Warning: Mean Macaw Creator?

A terrible training mistake that you should stop immediately if you are doing this as it can actually make your Macaw mean! (See Page 12)

How to dramatically increase your Macaw's vocabulary. Did you know that some Macaws can have a vocabulary of several hundred words? (See Page 12)....

How to train your Macaw to do tricks with ease (See Pages 13 and 14)...

3 fun tricks, "Perch On T-Stand", "The Wave", and "Shake Hands" that you can enjoy teaching your Macaw to start the trick learning process. (See Pages 13 and 14)...

Macaws, in general, are lively, intelligent, affectionate and even-tempered. They can be easily trained to talk and to play tricks.

While some Macaws may not be great at talking, they may have a funny personality and can be trained to perform tricks.

With proper handling and training, you can make your Macaw a friendly, feisty pet

"To Date, Yuri Can 'Wave', Do The 'Big Eagle' And Best Of All... He Is Potty Trained."


I have been very pleased. I have read and listened to everything I can get my hands on to date, and your course, Macaw Secrets™, has been the most helpful.

It's critical to begin training a companion parrot correctly as soon as possible to avoid future behavioral issues. A solid knowledge base is key, and your Macaw Secrets™ course has helped me with that.

I have a 4 1/2 month old bird. To date, Yuri can wave, do the 'big eagle' and best of all...he is potty trained. All of this without any negative reinforcement.

As a bonus, he's stopped nipping and is thoroughly comfortable with being handled, even though I did not specifically address these issues. A very nice bonus of training!!!!

Brooks wrote back a few days later saying:

I've gotten another bird since we last corresponded as well, and in three days she's step up/down trained, AND she's potty trained!

Thanks for the training tips!!!!

Brooks Conforti
Littleton, Colorado, USA

"Your Training Course Has Helped Me Do A Great Amount With My parrot."

Your training course has helped me do a great amount with my parrot.

At first my parrot wouldn't even step onto my hand, but with your training course I was not only able to get him to step onto my hand, but I was also able to teach him how to shake my hand through the Wave.

My parrot now is very friendly towards everybody and looks forward to getting out of his cage and onto people's hands.

Stella Lam
Danville, Virginia, USA.

"A Helpful And Easy To Understand Training Course."


Thank you so much for your training course. It has worked wonders with my parrot, Sam. His talking has improved, and I am much more confident in handling him and understanding him.

I would highly recommend the training course to anyone who owns a parrot or is thinking of buying one. The course offers so much help and understanding with parrots and is helpful and easy to understand.

Thank you very much,

Pauline Chamberlain
Essex, United Kingdom

"The E-book On Bird Health Is GREAT!!! There Was So Much I Didn't Know About This Topic."

Wanda BucklewI liked the course I purchased from you.

The E-books were very easy to download and I like how you broke down the categories so I can go directly to what I need to know. Each category is easy to understand and very much into detail. My bird has learned how to wave and he is only 5 months old. We are now working with shaking hands.

Wanda Bucklew,
Cobbs Creek, Virginia

Learn How Trainers Stop Bad Bird Behavior... Like Biting And Screaming, Or Whatever It May Be?

I've got the info for you. These are the stunning techniques that experts successfully use to prevent even really wild and mean birds from biting - real life stuff on film, put on paper in easy to follow steps. Used correctly, in very many cases they work better and faster than any other technique I've ever seen.

I'll say it again... Used correctly, in many cases they work better and faster than any other technique I've ever seen...

Not only will you be shown the techniques top trainers use to stop these behaviors, you will also learn techniques that can PREVENT any such bad behavior from surfacing in the first place.

BOOK TWO : "How To Get My Macaw To Love Me"

Look at what's inside...

Some Basics To Start...

Discover this expert bird training author's personal favorite solutions on how to fix many Macaw behavioral problems, that your Macaw will LOVE! (See Page 1)...

Lovingly Stop The Screaming!

Watch the amount of light your Macaw gets... Exactly how many hours of sunlight should your Macaw get every day? Giving it more than the recommended number of hours of sunlight can make your Macaw start screaming! ( See Page 6)...

Does your Macaw scream? Or are you afraid that your Macaw might start screaming in the future? Find out more about a brilliant new technique that can help prevent your Macaw from screaming. (See Page 6)

How should you react to a screaming Macaw?... See the most common mistakes most Macaw owners make that may only make this worse! (see Page 7)

Learn strategies to help cure the habit of screaming in already pampered and spoiled Macaws. (See Page 7)...

Lovingly Stop The Biting!

How to figure out the exact reason as to why your Macaw is biting you (See Pages 8-10)...

The key to training Macaws to stop biting is to figure out why it has the habit of biting in the first place. If you have figured that out, you have already halfway to winning the battle.

Pages 8-10 of this book will give you a step-by-step process to help you to determine why your Macaw bites you.

How to permanently stop your Macaw from biting, once you have figured out why it bites... (See Pages 8-13)...

How to cure the habit of biting in pampered and spoiled Macaws (See Pages 10-13)...

If you have a baby Macaw, you could be rightly worried that it may start biting when it grows older, even though you spend a lot of time with it. Learn steps to help ensure that your baby Macaw doesn't develop this nasty habit once it grows older... (See Page 8)

Powerful real-life biting case study...A real-life case study of how an extremely aggressive bird who used to fiercely bite anyone who came near it was trained to not only stop biting altogether, but also to actually lie on its back to be cuddled by humans!(See Page 9)...

Important tips to help you recognize biting tendencies coming from natural breeding desires, and how you should handle your Macaw when it is in breeding mode. (See Page 9)...

What if your Macaw bites extremely hard? Learn a break-through technique called "perching" that can be used to help stop your Macaw from biting... that will help you train your Macaw with the minimal amount of pain on your behalf!(See Page 11)...

Important tips on where your Macaw should be in relation to you while you are training it. (See Page 11)...

Discover the best place in your house to train your Macaw most effectively. (See Page 12)..

Cage Placement...

Learn where exactly in your home you should put your cage. This crucial decision can make or break your relationship with your Macaw, and can determine whether your Macaw is healthy and playful or lonely and depressed! (See Pages 1-2)

Important cage placement details...Once you have determined which room to put your cage in, where should you put the cage? - In the center of the room, or in one of the corners? This may determine whether your Macaw is friendly and good-natured or fierce and aggressive. The correct answer will definitely surprise you! (See Page 2 for the correct answer)...

Discover the truth... cage near a window? A lot of Macaw owners put their Macaw's cage beside a window. Is that a good idea and should you do the same? (See Page 2)...

Should you put your cage on the ground or should you put it higher up in the air? (See Page 2 for the answer)...

Picking Toys...

How many toys should you put in your Macaw's cage? (See Page 3) ...

3 simple toys that your Macaw will absolutely LOVE! (See Page 3)...

Macaws have a love for chewing. It is absolutely essential to put many toys in their cage, so that your Macaw is busy chewing them.

These will prevent your Macaw from getting bored...and developing bad behavior!!

Bathing And Grooming Your Macaw...

Shower frequency and feather plucking ... Do you know exactly how many times a week your Macaw needs to have a bath during the summer? During the winter? Lack of attention here can cause your Macaw to start plucking its feathers! (See Page 3 to find out the correct answer)...

3 very important benefits and tips to consider while bathing your Macaw... (See Page 3)...

The Terrible Teens? Watch Out
For Those Hormones...

How to control your adolescent behavior (See Page 5)...

The best way to deal with changes in your Macaw's attitude and behavior once it starts to mature (See Page 5)...

The only correct way of handling your Macaw when it is in breeding mode (See Page 5 and Page 9)...

Macaws are loud and noisy birds. If not socialized from an early age, they can become nippy and somewhat, aggressive too. Your neighbors may even complain about their loud squawking!!

With proper training and positive reinforcement, you can teach your Macaw to stop screaming and get rid of their noisy behavior.


"...Thank you so much... He is so much more enjoyable…"


My husband and I have started taking showers with our bird named Cosmo. He absolutely LOVES it, and I would never have tried without reading your book.

His screeching and screaming (which is the reason I purchased her E-book) has also died down considerably. We leave the room completely and go back in and praise him when he stops. We have also learned that remaining calm and speaking softly to him but not leaving our seats until he stops works remarkably well as well.

Thank you so much for putting you ideas in writing! He is so much more enjoyable (in his adolescent years)! :)

Thanks - Terry & Renée St. John

Renée St. John
Norway, Maine

"I'm very satisfied with the results I'm getting... She enjoys to be petted."

I had the opportunity to be able to use your training on my new parrot, and I'm very satisfied with the results I'm getting.

I started the course by reading the material on getting your bird to love you, and which bird to buy. To be honest the bird was kind of shy when she came home about 1 week ago, and she was biting my fingers. So I did as you have said to let her bite them, and now what she does is that she bites them so soft because she wants me to touch her head with them. She enjoys to be petted.

I'm trying also the part that you teach us how to feed your bird in low quantities, so that's the next step I'll take.

My bird is 4 months old, and in the next few days I'll read the other materials on training her to play games, etc...

For now I'm happy to get the response I'm getting from my new friend, Paulita Margarita. Thank you very much.

Eduardo Aguirre
Sunrise, Florida

"This book puts its ideas into terms that you can understand... definite direction as to WHAT NOT TO DO"

After reading the Macaw Secrets, my parrot only being here for a few weeks are playing on their homemade wall mounted jungle gym, making their way back to their cage when hungry and thirsty and taking rides on our fingers (even my 4 year old).

As I speak to them, I can see direct eye contact, their eyes just light up. We can tell that they are concentrating intently on what we are saying. Though their flying feathers have not come back completely, they are still starting to venture around the house despite the other household pets who watch them, and almost appear to protect them.

This book puts its ideas into terms that you can understand, many things not thought of by the general population such as bathing, preventing illness, trying fresh food snacks and links to where you can buy supplies. There are useful tips about cage placement, ideas on how to make your bird comfortable and happy in any location and definite direction as to WHAT NOT TO DO.

I would recommend this book to anyone interested in learning more about having birds as house pets of any breed.

Brenda A. La Platte
Jupiter, Florida

"...This course has helped us a lot..."

I just loved the training course.

I adopted a parrot 2 years ago and have not been able to train him at all. In his last home he did not have much attention. so I have been struggling with biting and screaming for some time.

I have been doing the techniques in your course now for about 2 weeks. Screaming is less and I am now able to hold Cocoa. He comes out of his cage and walks the floor to find me.

This course has helped us a lot to have a nice companion for my family. Cocoa has even calmed down enough to let my youngest of 5 children (1 1/2 year old) pet him - with supervision of course. Very nice!

I thank you so much for the time and effort.

Christine Donelly
Feasterville, Pennsylvania

"I would strongly recommend this training course..."

I love the course, I have two parrots.

There was so much information that seems to work for both of them. I would strongly recommend this training course for anyone who wants a great deal and fantastic customer service. I like the fact that I am not forgotten after the sale, and you still send me all kinds of new articles as well as training ideas.

Thank you

Richard Lupyak
Fayetteville, North Carolina

A Safe Training Diet

The very important optimal Macaw training diet ... How to determine exactly how much food you should give your Macaw and what kinds, while training it for the best results, all the while making your bird even healthier...(See Page 14)...

: A Happy Macaw Diet...

Important Tips And Warnings

" is the most common reason for Macaw disease..."

A shiny, smart Macaw tip ...How to feed the best diet to create glossy, bright feathers and aid learning abilities. After all, just the same as humans, ‘you are what you eat!’(See Page 3)...

11 secret psychological tricks that may persuade your Macaw to try a new and improved diet rich in nutrients, even if your bird is extremely reluctant to shift to the new diet! (See Pages 5 and 6)...

Too many seeds? What is the maximum percentage of your Macaw's diet that should be composed of seeds? (See Page 6 for the answer)...

Give 'em power veggies! What are the 2 vegetables that MUST be included in your Macaw's diet? (See Page 7)...

Healthy fun variety...Discover the proper amounts of different food items that your bird should eat. (See Page 8)...

Not enough, or too much protein? The optimum percentage of your Macaw's diet that should be composed of proteins is 20%. Read some tips to help you raise or cut back on your Macaw's protein level to avoid future health problems... (See Page 8)...

The most common bird nourishment problem... What is the optimum percentage of your Macaw's diet that should be composed of Vitamin A? And what are the foods that best supply this critical vitamin? (See Page 8)...

Your Macaw goes crazy for these fruits and veggies... The 25 different fruits and vegetables that your Macaw will love and that are also extremely good for its health! (See Page 9) ...

The 9 most important diet switching tips that you MUST keep in mind when you are transferring your Macaw from its current diet to a more balanced and healthy diet. (See Pages 10 and 11)...

A secret "beak-watering" Macaw recipe that is also nourishing and excellent for your bird's health! Most Macaws ADORE this sumptuous bird treat! (See Page 12 for complete details)...

Macaw digestion secrets... Which specific fruits and vegetables help your Macaw in digestion (See Pages 14 and 15)...

The 4 most important food preparation rules to follow when you are preparing your food - not following all 4 of these rules might well have serious consequences for your bird's long-term health! (See Pages 16 and 17)...

The 11 food items that you should NEVER - ever give to your Macaw under any circumstances. A lot of Macaw owners give these food items to their birds without realizing that they may seriously affect their bird's health. Read Page 18 of this book to find out whether you are making the same mistake...

Apart from feeding fresh fruits and vegetables, Macaws should be fed varieties of nuts (almonds, peanuts, macademia, walnuts and others) to fulfill their fat and carbohydrate requirements.

A balanced diet and good care will make your pet Macaw a bright and shiny bird.


"He Is Saying All Sorts Of Things - Including His Name And His Favorite At The Moment, "Night Night"

I have found all of your training course very useful. Leslie J Sharples

After having tried for about 5 weeks he is saying all sorts of things - including his name and his favorite at the moment, "night night"!

We love him to bits. The methods we have tried are as in your course i.e. Repetition and Association. Morgan easily picks up sounds and phrases and loves to whistle. We spend as much time as possible with Morgan when we are not at work. and he is always eager to get out of his cage onto his perch. At first we could not get him out, but we put his perch near his cage and after a while he realized he was coming out and is now very noisy if we don't let him out within minutes of arriving home.

The book about interpreting parrot body language was very useful to us because we now know when he is happy and when he is not.

Also, your information about parrot diets was very interesting because we now know what to give him and what not to give him.

Finally, the book on biting was excellent. It makes very interesting reading, and in fact we used the methods in this book to stop Morgan from biting us when we first got him.

I am more than pleased to have spent my money on this training course and associated parts because it has been very helpful to my family in starting to train Morgan.

Leslie J Sharples
Northampton, United Kingdom

"After receiving your course of study, I realized how wrongly I was trying to train Sherlock."

I have really benefitted from your training course.

Sherlock, my parrot, is extremely intelligent. He not only can imitate voices, sounds, words, sentences, etc, he understands concepts. He knows when it's time to go to work or church, he knows when it's clean-up time, and he can have full conversations with himself that make sense.

After receiving your course of study, I realized how wrongly I was trying to train Sherlock. Today, he finally responded correctly when I made my request to count, and he received a treat and praise as a reward. We are on our way to successful training.

Another problem I have, is that Sherlock makes a beeping sound every time I sit down to eat. He expects to get some of my supper. Your course has helped me to start correcting that problem. He is starting to realize that he only gets some pasta (which he loves) or other treat, when he is quiet or responds to my requests.

Thanks to your course, I now have the proper techniques to train Sherlock to do what I want him to, when I want him to.

Thanks for your dedication to training birds, and for your concern with each one of your students. I imagine that your other students are as appreciative as I am.

Thanks, again!

Ethel Sherman
Lykens, Pennsylvania

"I Am Back In Control... "

I have had my parrot, Dooney for 1 month today. After bringing her (I think it's a her) home from the bird store she was the sweetest little bird going, but after one day on top of her cage by herself, she turned into the devil bird.

I came home from work after having left her out of her cage (cause she likes being out) and when I approached her she turned into a lunging, biting devil bird. She tried to bite me and everyone in the family. I absolutely panicked and called my son to see if something had happened when I wasn't home that could have caused this. He said no.

I thought I had screwed up but I found your training course and immediately ordered.

Now after learning that she was controlling me and everyone around her, I am back in control. She did try to bite me this morning, and I let her know she wasn't the boss.

It's funny because you can look at her facial expressions and see that she is trying to figure out what she can get away with and when she'll be in trouble. After reading your training, and learning how to put myself in control, she doesn't generally try to bite me, but she'll try to push my hand away with her beak.

That tells me that she is communicating with me but doesn't feel the urge to bite me.

Marcy Mason

: How To Choose Your First Macaw Wisely...

Tips And Warnings

The #1 most important "buyers rule" that you need to keep in mind when you buy your Macaw. (See Page 9) ...

The #1 catastrophic "buyer" mistake that first time Macaw owners often make when they buy a Macaw... and how you can avoid making this mistake.(See Page 9)...

The 5 different types of sellers where you can buy Macaws... and how to choose which place is the best for YOU. (See Pages 10 and 11)...

Effective research tips... How to research before deciding on getting a Macaw (See Page 15)...

The 4 crucial "store" questions that you must ask any store from which you buy your Macaw (See Pages 16 and 17) ...

Macaws are large birds and they will need a large cage. If you are planning to adopt a Macaw, you need to fix where you can accommodate its cage.

Also, they are loud and noisy.

However, their bright and beautiful plumage and their sweet and inquisitive nature make them a popular pet


"Thank You So Much For Your Training Course!"


I think your training course is wonderful.

I have had my new companion "Angel Pie" for about three months now and she is already etched on my heart. My cat, Brittany (Himalayan Persian - 14 years old) loves her too!

I applied your techniques to stop my bird from biting the first day I got your info and she was almost completely cured of that habit within a week - and within two weeks - no more biting. Now she only gives little "love" bites.

Thank you so much for your training course!

Kimberly Olson
Fort Worth, Texas, USA

"I will read your course over and over again. It is a great reference guide."

Great training course!

I learned so much from Linda Kleistall of it. The food section has changed the way my parrot eats and with little resistance. The sleep section (on hours of light) was something I did not know. Within a few days my Jac-ee was a different bird! The age definitions totally explained why Jac-ee acts like a sometimes bratty teenager.

I cannot say enough about all that I learned from your course, and Jac-ee too! We are "high four-ing" now! Thank You Thank You Thank You.

I will read your course over and over again, it is a great reference guide.

Linda Kleist
Arvada, Colorado

"... we were doing several things absolutely wrong and your book made absolute sense!"

We were quite excited to find your website and once we began receiving the instructional emails we had to know more, so we ordered your ebook. My husband and I absolutely loved it! We are first time bird owners and have purchased a parrot (Mr. Grey) as a handfed baby and another parrot (P.J.) as an adolescent (which has some undesirable personality traits). We were doing several things absolutely wrong, and your book made absolute sense! We were trying to train our birds the way we do our dogs!

WRONG! We now have faith that with your guidance we can rear Mr. Grey properly and correct P.J.'s behavior and be able to provide them a permanent loving home.

Gala Payne
Portage, Indiana

"The Biting Has Been Reduced and I Am So Proud Of My Birds."


I received my training course and I have worked with my birds for a couple of weeks, and I can see a big difference in them.

I want to thank you for the training course it has really helped me and my fingers are not sore all the time from my birds always biting. The biting has been reduced and I am so proud of my birds.

William B. Coulter,
Crestwood, Kentucky, USA

"Your Product Is Excellent."

Your product has made me more knowledgeable about my bird.

I have started working with my pet, and I am already starting to see improvements. Your product is excellent.

Sasheen Maharaj
South Africa

"They are easier to handle and play with now."

I thought it was extremely informative. It helped me and my 2 new birds bond. It showed me not to be scared of them and how to handle them properly. They did bite me at first but, I read in the e-book what to look for and it really works. They are easier to handle and play with now. I am very glad I bought the e-book.

I am very skeptical of on-line products. The transaction was very secure, I am very pleased with the e-book. By the way, this was the first e-book I have ever bought. It was very easy to download. I am a satisfied customer.

Thanks for your helpful information.

Donna Lonsiak

"Sapphire is screaming less and I'm enjoying her more."

I found your parrot training courses easy to understand and follow. With a little patience and good humor it's possible to follow Nathalie's information and train your bird to be a wonderful, life-long companion. My bird Sapphire is screaming less and I'm enjoying her more. What more could you ask?

Bill Tanner
Los Angelas, California

How Much Will These 4 Essential
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How To Keep Your Macaw Radiantly Healthy And Avoid Disease

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Young Macaw disease... Polyomavirus affects young Macaws... and what you can do to help prevent your Macaw from getting affected by this disease (See Page 4)...

The 10 most common injuries that can affect your Macaw... and what you can do to lower your Macaw's chance of sustaining them. (See Pages 7, 8 and 9)...

Those first crucial 2 weeks... Why the first 2 weeks after you bring your Macaw home are absolutely crucial for the development of a healthy relationship between you and your Macaw, and what you should do during the first 2 weeks in order to build rapport with your bird (See Page 10) ...

5 Critical Longevity Tips... The 5 crucial things that you must learn about your Macaw in order to do everything in your power to give it the best chance of a long and healthy life. (See Page 10)...

One expert Macaw owner health tip: One essential health food item that you should include in your Macaw’s diet that will not only help give it a shiny, gorgeous plumage but might also be good for your Macaw’s intelligent! (See Page 11)...

Alternative medicine for Macaws? Did you know that the Japanese technique of Reiki and the Chinese technique of Acupuncture can benefit not only humans but also Macaws? Not to mention homeopathic remedies, even aromatherapy! Find out how you can use alternative medicine to help treat your Macaw's illnesses or mood swings! (Pages 11 - 12)

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"Downloading your book, or should I say books, was so simple


I'm a stranger to downloading E-books and was a little worried if I was doing the right thing... But I finally made up my mind...

Downloading your book, or should I say books, was so simple that I didn't believe that they had downloaded... Sure enough there they were... so quick... so simple... so worthwhile.

I found your information extremely valuable. Plus...this is a BIG plus...your enthusiasm in your writing is overwhelming... This straight forward... no nonsense composite guide is a great read about the well-being and upkeep, plus highly effective training techniques on parrots... and I've read loads, believe me.

Victor Door
United Kingdom

"... Keep up the good work and if you come up with new stuff let me know."

I have found that the best part of your course is in the educating yourself on behalf of your bird and learning why they do what they do. You also stress the part of spending quality time and the placing of your bird in the house where they can see and hear you.

We have an eight month old parrot and already it is spoiled and thinks it is, and has always been, a part of the family. I can't remember having so much fun. Gracie jumps down off her perch and wanders through the house looking for me if I stay out. Her vocabulary is amazing. She rattles on for 45 minutes at a time. She is constantly learning new words and phrases.

I believe it is because where I read that you should spend quality time with them and become their friend. She has bonded with both my wife and me, and either one of can and does feed and baths her. She likes to sit on my shoulder and watch TV, while I feed her sun flower seeds. She has, from spending time, learned to trust me, and I am sure that I now have been adopted as part of her flock.

Keep up the good work, and if you come up with new stuff let me know.

Pastor Brian Adams
Jackson, Ohio

"I am very glad we purchased your training course...."

I am writing back about your training course. My husband and I have been reading and searching for the right bird for us. We have actually decided to go with a parrot at Petsmart in Burnsville, Minnesota.

However, we have spent a lot of time looking, holding, and playing with all different birds. I have read some of your training course and it has helped minimize a lot if pet stores that don't take care of their birds properly.

I am very glad we purchased your training course, and I believe it will help us in the long run with our Dusky.

Andrea Tesseman
Farmington, Minnesota

"(He) has now really become the family bird..."

With regard your training course my comments are as follows:

I wish I had got your course before getting my parrot. I found I was really struggling with my parrot as he would only allow me to touch him.

Since sharing your course with the whole family, we have progressed to the level where my wife can now pick him up and take him around the house. In fact he now even follows her even when I'm in the room. He is far more tolerant of the children (5 & 7 yrs) and has now really become the family bird, not just mine.

The E-books on diet and health were very informative and helpful. You also provide insight on maintaining your parrot. After reading this I was horrified at how my bird's wing had been clipped. My family and myself refer back to your course continually. Potty training was also helpful, and we are halfway there with having our bird potty trained.

Frank Rawson
Laezonia, South Africa

"The course was helpful, especially the chapter on problem behaviors..."


I invested in your training course after purchasing a young female parrot. She was hand fed as a baby, but then the pet store made the mistake of putting her back in a cage with her siblings. She had become hostile and fearful of humans, and the pet store employees had nicknamed her "Jaws" because of her defensive biting when they caught her with their hands.

I'm a counselor, so I love a challenge, and I felt a bond when the little creature cuddled under my flannel shirt. I took her home and named her M.

The course was helpful, especially the chapter on problem behaviors, and how to get your parrot to love you. In no time she was stepping up onto a wooden perch, and she has not seriously bitten me now in about 3 weeks. To the contrary, she skitters to the end of the wood perch I use to Step Up, and cuddles in the hollow of my hand insisting I rub her head and neck. It's pretty amazing. It was also helpful to know which fruits and veggies I can safely feed my bird.

I find a parrot the perfect bird for a middle aged professional who works long hours at the office. Her life expectancy does not exceed mine, which is one less worry.

Her playpen is small enough to sit on the end table next to my recliner while I read or watch TV, allowing us daily time together. They naturally like to hide in pockets and shirts, which makes them adorable and convenient.

Steve Warner
Montrose, Colorado

"Thank you so much for your insight and practical tips..."


Your training course was of immense help to me. Even with limited time due to two new babies in the house - one of the bird variety and one of the human variety, I have seen a dramatic change in the way that my parrot interacts with me and my husband.

I was concerned when we first bought him as he was showing an extreme level of nervousness and aloofness as birds tend to do. However, I believe it is your program that has trained us to interact with our new baby.

Thank you so much for your insight and practical tips. I will not hesitate to recommend your training program to any bird owner.

Yours sincerely

Diane Ponsen
Newcastle, Australia

"Your material is easy to read and simple to follow..."


I haven't actually completed reading the entire course material. However, what I will say is that what I have read, I have learned from. My children and I are the proud owners of three lovely colorful birds (Ohla, Beeker & Baby Blue). Ohla had a tendency to bite but we have followed your tips and the biting has now very much reduced. Once in a while she tries, but we follow what you recommend and it doesn't occur for long periods of time after that.

My thirteen year old takes showers with all three of them and it completely calms them down. We never knew you could! They really enjoy their shower time. Baby Blue is now sticking her entire head into the water reservoir, which she never did before beginning her shower regime.

My son who is eleven takes part in their development as well, so the whole family is really enjoying these little creatures. They don't just remain in their cage.

Your material is easy to read and simple to follow. We're happy we found you on the internet. My two year old daughter also likes to have them on the edge of the tub when she takes her bath, and they are happy to stay there!

Thanks for the tips, they sure have helped.

Cheryl Ann
Chambly, Quebec

" Thank You!!!


I was really depressed because I got sick and had to retire early. I bought a parrot which I named "Chi-Chi". He was scared to death of me at first until I purchased your course. Now he is tamed and knows I am his other "Daddy". He is a very happy bird. Sings "All' day long! He has added to my life richly. Thanks to following some of the simple training methods described your course I was able to bring much "Joy" to his life as he brings to our home. Thank You!!!

Jesus Espinosa
Mesa, Arizona

"Renge... is clearly saying Peekaboo, Baby Bird, C'mon, and Goodnight."

I am thrilled with your parrot training course. Your knowledge and understanding of these beautiful creatures is extraordinary.

I am a studio musician and producer, well known for playing the guitar on such shows as Seinfeld and Married With Children, as well as being a member of the Grammy award winning musical act Manhattan Transfer, Jean Luc Ponty and rocker Bryan Adams.

I have a parrot named Renge. He loves to accompany me in the car, in the recording studio and even for a ride on my scooter. Although I have to use a leash on the scooter. Your course has helped me build a relationship with him so he can be free around the house as well as the recording studio.

After 6 days with your course, Renge, who was already murmuring some words, is clearly saying Peekaboo, Baby Bird, C'mon, and Goodnite. He doesn't yet do it on command,but we are working on it. I am also working on the response to my questions exercise that you mention in your great book.

Your chapter on nutrition and feeding has opened a world of new foods for him to enjoy. I had been feeding him only "pretty bird" conure food and a piece of apple each day. Now he enjoys fruits and veggies, pasta, and I've even taken him to a couple of restaurants where he shares for example, rice at the Mexican restaurant.

There is much fun work to do thanks to your Macaw Secrets and I intend to get good at this as he gets better and better.

This past week there was a bird feeder making class at the HUTCHINGS MUSEUM in Lehi Utah. I was invited to bring Renge, and the 20 or so children loved him. The museum, upon hearing that it was Renge's birthday on May 1st, (he will be 1 year) has offered the museum for his birthday party. Now if that isn't a testament to him and your training methods, I don't know what is.

Thank you

Jamie Glaser
Provo, Utah

"... she now says 'Hi Gabby, Hello, Love you too...'"

Where do I start about your training course? First. I have been involved with avians of all sorts, but particularly parrots, since I was 8 years old... dating myself that would be 37 years. I have always been to many bird seminars, & I have tried to read everything I can get my hands on about information that I had not previously learned about or read elsewhere.

I had for the most part been a parrot person. Your course has been especially helpful in getting my parrot, Gabby, started on her speech, she now says " Hi Gabby, Hello, Love you too & Gabby like?" I couldn't believe how quickly she started & how soon she perfected the words. She speaks very clearly.

We are currently working on some trick ideas, as my daughter wants to be on "Pet Stars" and is determined to take Gabby to Hollywood.

I have shared some of your information on the biting & screaming issues with a dear friend of mine (although I advised her to purchase them for herself, which I believe she did), who rescued a Double yellow head, who had all his negative behaviors reinforced by his previous owners. She is reporting no blood draw for over a week, and the screaming stops with just a little "flock whistle" when she leaves the room.

So I must thank you so much for myself, as well as my girlfriend. She was really getting close to the end which would've meant I would have inherited her bird, & I am really quite content at the moment with my pet numbers. So thank you again for saving me from adopting one more parrot in need of reform, by helping my girlfriend through your training courses, to gain confidence, be able to read his body language & get the upper hand back.

Maureen Snyder Oyen
Novato, California

Grab your copy of Macaw Secrets™ today!

Copyright (c) 2005 - 2007 Nathalie Roberts
4281 Express Lane, Suite L4484 Sarasota, FL 34238, USA

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